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Eating Local: It’s About Values, Stupid

It was one of those memories… vague enough to give some doubt.  But since it was a landmark moment, here it is.

No promises.

Artisan Cheese
Artisan Cheese, another benefit of small producers

I was attending a meeting of the American Cheese Society.  In beautiful Burlington Vermont, the skies were blue, the air unseasonably hot—and local food was everywhere. Under an enormous tent, a keynote speaker stepped up to the podium.

The first slides are long forgotten, but a later one stood out.  It read simply, “It’s About Values, Stupid.”  Continue Reading

Eat Local. That is, Eat LOCAL.

Have you ever thought about eating local?  Maybe dabbled in it a bit?  I’ll bet (either way) that you’ve seen plenty of “local” signs.

Well, I just started to eat LOCAL — yes, in caps!  That’s because my objective is to eat exclusively from a 100 mile (500 mile regional) radius.  With just a few exceptions (like Barbara Kingsolver in Animal Vegetable Miracle).

I think I’m ready.  No sugar.  No coconut oil.  No problem (I hope).

Is there a story behind this tale?  You bet!

Local Squash
Local Squash 

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