Gone A-Nutting (Black Walnuts)

The holidays are here–hooray!  But arriving with the holidays was a new eating-local concern.  Would I be caught between the equally poor options of giving in… or thwarting tradition?  After all, Thanksgiving was the time Barbara Kingsolver broke down and decided cranberries must be served, local or not.

black walnut processing tips and discussion
My oldest, hunting black walnuts

Of course Wisconsin cranberries are a snap (including organic)! I had already made homemade cranberry juice, sweetened with local honey.

But now another missing local food began to make its presence felt. What would I do without nuts? Continue Reading

Local Rice… and a Science Experiment

As November draws to a close, it marks a new milestone in my eating local project. In addition to completing our second month of eating local, we’ve successfully celebrated our first holiday, Thanksgiving–hooray!

Does that mean it’s all a piece of cake? Not a chance.

Local Rice
Local Rice

In my darker moments, I admit to wondering if we’ll starve this winter (pretty sure, not) and to mourning the staples we miss (at least a few). But I still haven’t given up on finding new local treasures.  Continue Reading

Panic in the Kitchen

How did it get to be November? 

 I should have canned more tomatoes. I don’t have enough vegetables frozen.  I don’t even know how much “enough” is.  Aarrgghh!  

The dwindling harvest
The dwindling harvest 

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The Ground Rules

Ten years ago, I read (and thoroughly enjoyed) Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Vegetable Miracle, the story of her family’s year of eating locally.  At the time, I didn’t realize it might someday serve as a guide.

Book Animal Vegetable Miracle
Animal Vegetable Miracle

But where Barbara and her husband grew or raised much of what their family ate, my path would be different. I would harvest a few things from my (really) small garden, but rely primarily on local producers.

pigs in barn
New farm discovery – bought pork from two young men, early twenties, farming after their day jobs

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Eat Local. That is, Eat LOCAL.

Have you ever thought about eating local?  Maybe dabbled in it a bit?  I’ll bet (either way) that you’ve seen plenty of “local” signs.

Well, I just started to eat LOCAL — yes, in caps!  That’s because my objective is to eat exclusively from a 100 mile (500 mile regional) radius.  With just a few exceptions (like Barbara Kingsolver in Animal Vegetable Miracle).

I think I’m ready.  No sugar.  No coconut oil.  No problem (I hope).

Is there a story behind this tale?  You bet!

Local Squash
Local Squash 

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